Cali Girl - Neelam Hakeem Rap

· 198 words · about a minute

I ain’t got time for you posers
I am the gun in the holster
Dunk on you like the posters
Turn a boss to a Chauffeur
Tell him to stop
Drive up the block
Open the door
Don’t say no more
Now you can talk
Now you can walk
Put in the keys
Put it in park
U hate #trump I should rock wit ya?
Your conscious now cuz its popular
I see you fakes with binoculars
I kill your taste like binaca does
Go stand over there -kilometers
I need space -astronomer
He says I’m hot- thermometer
What’s else rhymes- barometer
Internet trolls with the threats
Say hello to my set
Every woman needs an army
All My brothers break concrete
Oh he’s a pimp u should leave em
Tell that chump you don’t need em
To a queen that is treason
Make him leave for no reason
Think u woke cuz u vegan
Kids dying you don’t see them?
Juniors dead you don’t see em? #justiceforjunior
It all erased cuz you plant based?
War ends with a handshake
I extend til my hand aches
Equality on the mandate
40 acres of the landscape
I know you love the flow
I know you love the clothes
The real ones repost
Everyone else is like I’m ghost

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