Pikachu Pokémon Necklace


Calling aspiring Trainers everywhere. It is time to level up video game style! We have been out braving the Kantō region, searching far and wide to catch as many cute and colourful Pocket Monsters as we could. Back at Professor Oaks, we emptied out our Poké Balls and made a home for the little critters on a charming statement necklace especially for you. Instant experience points earned on your pop aesthetic stats. With Pikachu for company, you will be a master Pokémon Trainer in no time. Don’t worry, you can thank us once you are the very best, like no one ever was!

The enduring worldwide phenomenon that so many have grown up with and grown to love is celebrating its 25(!) anniversary in 2021. Charmander, Squirtle, Chansey and Zapdos amongst others feature as lovely detailed charms on multi-coloured chains with everyone’s favourite Partner Pokémon; Pikachu displayed front and centre as a big, bright oversized statement charm. Complete with Pikachu’s iconic bright yellow colour, shocking red cheeks and thunderbolt tail.

Pika Piii! Pika-Pika! Pikachuuu! Yes Pikachu, we know, you are as kawaii as fudge. Now go and stun that Jigglypuff with your Thunder Shock attack; we want to win our rainbow badge!

  • Adjustable length.
  • Secure lobster-clasp fastening.
  • Big, bright and pops; bring a smile to even the toughest gym leaders face!
  • Perfect antidote to fashion fatigue.
  • Overstated style; wear with a T-shirt, Jumper or hoodie and let the piece do the work.
  • No Pocket Monsters were harmed in the making of this stunning statement necklace.

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